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riskrate consolidates your live financial data to keep your risks in check.

Minutes to take in use, get instant results.

14-day fully featured free trial

No credit card required

Consolidate your banks with one click
Uncertainty about Cash holds you back from taking risks, making good decisions and growing. 

Connect Banks

in minutes

Connect to 2 500+ banks and credit cards with one click.

Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja pankit

Create scenarios 

with one click

Use a template gallery or an easy report engine to save your time.

Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja pankit

Optimize Cash

with risk alerts

Get alerts the way you need

to react on time.

Let's stop wasting time and money
Predict Cash with confidence

10x faster

Reduce time wasted

90 % 

Optimize cash with risk alerts

Better Cash

Get answers about risks on the fly to grow faster with less risk.
Reduce 90 % of time wasted on manual work and focus on what matters.
Say goodbye to extra cash buffers
and financial fees losing your money.
Minutes to take in use, get instant results

Connect your Banks and Credit Cards in minutes with riskrate's superior report engine.

Step 1

Sign up

Create username and password.

10 seconds

Step 2


Connect your finance tools and banks.

8 min

Step 3

Get results

30 min

Let riskrate do the reports for you.

Fully featured 14-day free trial

No credit card required

No integration project needed

Perfect for teams operating in multiple countries and currencies

Connect your banks with riskrate in 8 minutes

Consolidate daily Cash from Banks

riskrate has integrations to 2 500 banks in Europe so that you can connect all your banks in 8 minutes to get a grip of your daily liquidity with web banking credentials. Your bank does not charge extra fees.

And here's a nice bonus. See your runway and find your bank events, even back from the 12 months, for free.

Kassa ennuste joka konsoloidoi pankit minuuteissa kassan saldoksi.

Your data is safe

Peace of mind to your IT manager with the best in class security and no implementation project.

Robust protection fits your IT Policy and keeps your data safe. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The best-in-class security includes superior user management and a single sign-on (SSO). 

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getting started?

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