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Optimize cash flow with notifications

Get better Cash flow in less than 30 days. 

Minutes to take in use, get instant results.

14-day fully featured free trial

No credit card required

Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja maksuviiveet

Say goodbye to uncertainty

Uncertainty about customer late payments increases our risk, uncertainty about cash and funding cost. 


CEOs can say goodbye to extra cash buffers holding back their growth by getting alerts and reacting instantly.


Teams get a grip on cash and financial risks in seconds by getting alerts and creating reports on the fly.


Reduce 90% of time wasted 

Controllers can save up to 90% of manual work using cash forecasts that understand when customers actually will pay.

Get better liquidity

Get answers 10x faster

Stop wasting time and money
Predict cash with confidence
Reduce time wasted

10 x faster

90 % 

Get answers about risks on the fly to grow faster with less risk.
Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what matters.
Optimize cash with risk alerts

Better Cash

Say goodbye to extra cash buffers
and financial fees losing your money.

Minutes to take in use, get instant results

Riskrate knows when your customer actually will pay invoices to you

Cash forecast

with a few clicks

riskrate cash forecast knows when your customer actually will pay invoices to you using machine learning and a massive database of company payment terms and delays.

Let sales and purchase orders dive into your cash forecast. Create scenarios with one click to get the confidence you have money when salaries and loans are due.

Kassaennuste, joka luo skenaariosi muutamalla klikkauksella.
Kassa ennuste, skenaariot ja maksuviiveet joka optimoi kassaa.

Keep late payments in check using risk alerts and reports

Optimize cash

with riskrate alerts

We think a CEO is like a banker: our money is in the bank account and open sales invoices, which has payment time risk. 

With riskrate, you can get better cash by getting alerts about your customer payment delays. You can optimize your cash with simple KPIs. Before a new deal, you know your customers' payment terms and predicted payment delays using a massive company database.

With riskrate scenarios, you can create risk alerts for factoring.

Connect your banks with riskrate in 8 minutes

Consolidate daily Cash from Banks

riskrate has integrations to 2 500 banks in Europe so that you can connect all your banks in 8 minutes to get a grip of your daily liquidity with web banking credentials. Your bank does not charge extra fees.

And here's a nice bonus. See your runway and find your bank events, even back from the 12 months, for free.

Kassa ennuste joka konsoloidoi pankit minuuteissa kassan saldoksi.

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