Andrei, engineer of riskrate: Code can predict your future 90-day Burn in 5 seconds

The bright spring is here and the last Sun rays of the days clearly are staying later and later. We’ve had intensive days during the lockdowns, adding new features to riskrate customers, who are fast growing, passionate teams in B2B/B2C saas and marketplace, services like for instance 3PL and logistics, e-commerce, and digital marketing who need an Cash confidence and better understanding about their Customer behaviour to grow their businesses. And we take our mission very seriously.

Most of the riskrate services are built in-house, by our tech team. Let’s have chat with Andrei, our passionate software engineer, and learn more about the cash predictions from the engineers' perspective.

Hello​ Andrei​ 👋🏽 how did you find tech, or did tech find you? :)

I was interested in computers since I was a kid. We didn’t have a proper computer science or programming courses at school in Russia, so I started to try programming on my own. The more I was learning about programming languages and computer internals, the more I was interested. When I still was in school I had a strong background in math, but ultimately decided to apply for the Computer Science program at University. This decision was pretty much a coin flip, I had to make a decision at the very last moment!

What is fascinating about you in tech?

The best thing in tech is to automate routine tasks. Whenever you manage to automate some part of your routines, you will very quickly see the result and will be grateful that past you did it.

Can you tell Cash people what we do?

Sure. We are solving some traditional cash forecasting problems through machine learning and automation. We believe that data science is the friend of future Cash people, and it can replace manual work like going into databases each day, downloading data into spreadsheets, performing futures cash predictions, and so.

Not only we save smart people's time significantly but transaction-driven services, it’s impossible to predict cash using spreadsheets when customer purchase or payment behaviour is sporadic or you have tens of transactions in a month.

At riskrate, we ​have taken a different approach. Instead, ​we connect several data sources at the same time and have built effortless, superior -90 days cash ​modelling which is​ able to learn when a business or customer behaviour changes. ​Also, ​we’ve automated a lot of daily routines that you otherwise would’ve had to spend hours. Like for instance, code can predict your futures burn rate in 5 seconds compared to hours to calculate it in spreadsheets. Last, but not least, we focus on the user experience.

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What you’ve been working on recently?

Recently we released a calendar-driven data search and predictions, which works like Google Analytics. Users get their cash data analysed back from history or predictions for the next future. So when your CEO is asking about burn rate like for instance for the next 21 or 45 days, you can now search it in less than 5 seconds. Also, we’re striving to give more control over the forecast to the user.

How did you found Finland and riskrate?

I moved to Finland from Russia in 2017. Our university in St. Petersburg had a partnership with the Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and they had a double degree program, which I applied to. So I did the first year of my master’s degree in Russia, and my second-year here, in Finland. After finishing the university, I joined the Kiuas accelerator in the hot summer of 2018 where I met Paivi and Jussi. Together we founded riskrate and ​our ​Journey began​ in 2019 in Otaniemi​.

You’ve been studying Finnish. How do you like living in Finland?

Finland is a great place, and I’m honoured to be a part of Finnish society. I think the culture suits me very well.

Thank you, Andrei. Happy Easter and all the best for the riskrate Journey ahead 🚀

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