Cash forecast

The faster your business decides to grow, the more challenging the cash forecast will be. New hires and investments on sales & marketing affect the Runway. Confidence about cash and Runway is a lifeline.

Fortunately, the confidence about the future cash does not mean time consuming excel exercise any more. Using machine learning, riskrate can do the hard work for you and effortlessly predict your future cash with superior accuracy.

The harder the growth, the more crucial is get confidence about cash. riskrate gives cash confidence 10x faster.

Often, a short-term cash forecast requires different accuracy than a long-term cash forecast. The harder the growth, the more crucial it is to get confidence about the cash and drivers behind.

riskrate always predicts your cash on a daily basis. You can always drill into details to have better understanding about your cash.

riskrate helps you to get started without a second of manual work.

Sign up in 8 minutes and instantly get the 90-day cash predictions.

riskrate can help you to get started. You can instantly get a cash forecast based on your data without using a seconds of manual work.. Sign up in 8 minutes and instantly get the results. Start here

Example of riskrate 90-days cash forecast

Effortless 90-day cash prediction is a tactical tool

to make better decisions faster.

90-day cash forecast is a short-term cash forecast. It is a tactical tool by which you can make decisions. The cash forecast predicts both cash-in, such as sales invoices, and cash-out, such as purchase invoices, salaries and loan repayments.

riskrate does the hard work for you and predicts your daily cash automatically. In practice, the forecast also takes into account invoices that have not yet been sent.

If the growth is strong and you get new sales or purchases, you can easily enter and simulate a series of events in a second.

No matter hard we try, things don't always go as planned.

Having plans for A, B and C helps faster to win these situations.

The long-term, from 6 to 18 months, cash forecast is scenario planning. Like for example, a Startup keep runway in control building scenarios A, B and maybe C.

Example of riskrate 12 months cash forecast

Scenario planning is needed for strategic decisions, like for example to decide the timing of the financing round or stop-loss for cost cuttings. It's like the big picture of entire business.

riskrate can help you get started and you can automatically get a 12 month cash forecast based on your data. Log in in 8 minutes and instantly see results. Start here The longer the forecast is, the more uncertain it becomes. Therefore, the long-term forecast is usually planned on a monthly basis. Using riskrate, you can easily build scenarios and simulate results by entering single events, like for instance the financing round, cash limit or even repeatable loan repayments.

Confidence about cash is a lifeline for a growth company. Effortless cash forecast, yet with superior accuracy, free up your time for growth.

The automatic cash forecast is to free up time for relevant tasks such as growth. The time spent on growth is the best way to ensure that the cash forecast is maintained.

If you have any questions regarding the cash forecast, we will be happy to serve you. You can see your cash forecast here or book a convenient time for you here.

Cash confidence 10x faster using riskrate.