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Got My Time Back with riskrate

On a beautiful November Thursday morning, riskrate met the inspiring Teemu, CEO of Enexus. Teemu has been very busy recently building a team and preparing for the growth leap of Enexus ’unique Fetch My Stuff, a last-mile recycling service right from the home door.

Fetch My Stuff picks up your bottles and old computer right from the home door

"We are launching the Fetch My Stuff, a last-mile service for homes that picks up your stuff right from the home door and makes delivery more sustainable by optimizing routes using our own technology." Teemu told us, "That means in practice, that we're expanding to the two-way shipments from the current superior one-way transportations to the online stores."

People can now order a transportation service from the Fetch My Stuff service portal, which takes care of the recycling of bottles, batteries, old computers, and clothing. Teemu's Fetch My Stuff -service focuses on transportation from 2 to 50 km in the biggest cities.

Expanding to peer-to-peer services

"In the future, we are expanding to the peer-to-peer, so that Anna can order transportation from the Fetch My Stuff when she sells an old sofa, golf cart, or drums to Mikael." Teemu told us "This idea came from our customers, who we listen to very carefully."

"The mission of Fetch My Stuff is to promote the circular economy and material efficiency," Teemu says. “Not only do we leverage our own superior technology to optimize route planning, but we are also building an ecosystem that connects Online Stores, Stone Stores, consumers, and recycling centers. As a result, recycling is easy, low-carbon, and efficient.”

Got my time back with riskrate

“As the CEO of a growth company, the most important Money Flow KPIs are topline, profitability, and cash. Growth is eating euros and we have a small team and hands full to do, so got my time back using riskrate. Now I get confidence about money flow at a glance and drill down to deviations if needed. ” Teemu explains.

I love the evolution of entrepreneurship

that is going on in Finland right now ❤

“We have a strong evolution of entrepreneurship going on in Finland right now. Finland is a wonderful country for entrepreneurs, and the new generation of serial entrepreneurs is emerging now through exits having great experience in building a global and scalable business. In this way, the whole of Finland gets new gear. ”

Fetch My Stuff is an inspiring example of combining technology and service. Huge congrats to Teemu and the whole team on the new growth leap.

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