How did Mikael bootstrapped to €4M ARR?

Learn everything you need to know about bootstrapping. Mikael Thuneberg, Founder of Supermetrics and how he bootstrapped to €4m ARR.

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In 2009, Mikael was working in Helsinki as a web analyst. He was struggling with getting marketing data together so without having written a single line of code before, he wrote a script inside Excel to copy the Google Analytics data he needed. Google liked what he did and blogged about.

This led Mikael to found a company, now called Supermetrics, which he then operated alone for 5 years until it took off and he could start hiring.

Mikael bootstrapped it to € 2M ARR when he closed his first, A-round of €3,5m in 2017. In February 2019, Supermetrics passed €10m in ARR and raised €40m from investors like IVP, VC in Slack, Netflix, and Twitter. In February 2020, Supermetrics passed from €10m ARR to €20m ARR in 10 months.

Mikael has kept Supermetrics cash flow positive and very profitable. In 2020, the rule of 40 (this is where your growth rate x profit margin should be above 40) was over 70.

cash x 3 min is dedicated to Cash people in a startup, scale up, and digital marketing ⭐️ Join us and learn more about

  • Why did Mikael decide to bootstrap?

  • Mikael’s lessons to learn about bootstrapping

  • Obstacles in the early days and how did Mikael solve those

  • Is bootstrapping related to the Supermetric's later growth and profitability?

  • How to grow fast and keep the rule of 40 over 70 at the same time

  • Mikael's vision about the future of data and marketing

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