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Our customers win market share in this economic cycle, says CEO Janne Lehtonen, Mellano

Mellano is an entrepreneur-run company by a great team of

Janne Lehtonen and Marika Pehkonen.

The first snow had fallen in Iisalmi, northeast of Finland, when we met the energetic Janne Lehtonen, CEO of Mellano, at Google Meet on Thursday afternoon. Mellano is the leading contract manufacturer of MDF doors and kitchen furniture in Finland. Mellano's direct customers are kitchen stores, and the end users are families..

"The kitchen store designs the furniture together with the customer, and we manufacture them here at the Mellano factory in Lapinlahti," Janne says. "Finnish nature lovers have chosen our furniture for the kitchen in their home. "I look at the money flow, then what-if -scenarios, and make it work.

This is where riskrate has helped us."

Responsibility is a driver for Mellano

"Responsibility drives us at Mellano. Our raw materials come from as close as possible, and we minimize our carbon footprint." Janne says, "We follow the lean philosophy and constantly reduce both the amount of material waste and the VOC emissions of the painting. We only use tested materials."

"Mellano is an Entrepreneur-run company," Janne continues, "Marika Pehkonen, our sales and marketing director, and I became the key owners of Mellano in October 2019. We started with a new growth strategy and are truly satisfied with the decision. Together with us, all the people in our team participate in implementing our growth strategy."

TOP 3 tips for a family thinking about renewing kitchen furniture

Mellano products can be purchased from the leading kitchen stores. Mellano offers kitchen stores a turnkey solution, starting from sales leads, i.e., household orders, a CRM tool, and tools for furniture design. In practice, families get the furniture that fits their needs perfectly.

What are your TOP 3 tips for a family thinking about renewing fixed furniture?

1. Rational use of space and sustainability go hand in hand. The kitchen is the most valuable investment in your home. By investing in quality and the right dimensions, you can get a smart kitchen that will last forever because it’s tailored to your family's needs.

2. Each of us has our unique taste. Mellano can offer just the right shade from a map of 8,000 shades.

3. Domestic furniture is a sustainable solution ecologically, socially, and economically. It keeps jobs in Finland. You know where the products were made and where the raw material comes from. Our customers win market share in this economic cycle

"It is clear that we are in a new situation when real earnings are falling for the first time in decades. However, we are focusing on that our customers, who take maximum use of Mellano's offering, will increase their market share in this economic cycle." Janne says, "After that, I look at the money flow, what-if -scenarios, and make it work. This is where riskrate has helped us." Domestic furniture designed exactly to your need will quickly pay back the investment. If you need an experienced furniture professional to help you, who can offer superior service within the agreed schedule, you can contact Janne here.

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