Predict 30 days Cash super accurately using network effect⚡️

Online sales makes scaling easy, but at the same time, customers' purchase and payment behaviour can be sporadic. More than anything else, this affects cash. The faster our business decides to grow, the worse the cash losses become. Cash prediction starts from predicting Customer behaviour.

Use network effect to predict customer behaviour

Our money is in our bank account and customers’ pockets. That’s why rule number one is to predict our customer’s payment behaviour. An entrepreneur is like a banker, who needs to understand the buyer’s risk and when that can be converted into cash.

Like us people, buyers have different payment behaviours. Even the same buyer can pay a sales invoice differently to different sellers. The more critical the product is, the faster and more predictable the buyer’s payment behaviour is. Industry practices or quality issues also reflect payment times.

The more users, the better value and cash predictions all users get

Accurate prediction of our customer purchase and payment behaviour requires a lot of data to understand behaviour patterns, and our data is not enough. The network effect means that the more users, the better value and 30 days cash predictions all users get. On top of that, effortless machine learning can do the hard work for us super accurately. It senses even the weakest signal affecting customer behaviour and predicts invoices that have not been sent yet. An accurate prediction of futures cash events enables us to react on time, even more than 30 days earlier. It gives us peace of mind and much better liquidity. riskrate is a superior 30 - 90 days cash forecast with a strong network effect. Put the data and machine learning to work for you. ⚙️

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