Predict future cash flow with riskrate to save time (and money)

The higher the volume, the better the savings.

You already have the data, but…

Accurate prediction on money flow is critical to the CEOs of scale-ups, but the data is siloed to the number of tools, and acquiring, slicing, and dicing data requires special expertise and takes multiple hours. S/he really doesn’t have time to get insights on how the customer buys and pays, how s/he spends the money, and predict how the future cash flow looks like. Regardless of your business model - from the marketplaces to the last-mile services, or from the hybrid saas to the rental or subscriptions - accurate data insights about your money flow helps faster to win all situations, like for example

  • Growth affects Cash due to upfront spendings The faster your business decides to grow, the worse the losses become. More than else, this affects the Cash. It's a lifeline to get confidence over future spendings.

  • Over 100 customers (or suppliers) who you don't know In some business models, like marketplaces, e-commerce, last-mile services, or rentals customer behaviour is sporadic. When you've over 100 customers it's a lifeline to get insights on how your customer buys and pays when spendings are running.

  • Payment times that are hard to predict The low pricing power of small businesses lead to the mismatch of sales and purchase invoices payment times that creates problems in cash flow through good and hard times.

Get accurate insights about money flow in seconds

riskrate works in sync with tools you already use and analyses the wealth of unit economics, using over 80 000 companies’ business data, millions of invoices, and superior machine learning models to give accurate insights on your money flow. riskrate uniqueness is based on both superior machine learning modelings and the network effect, which enables accurate insights, when small businesses with less than ten million euros revenues may not have enough data for that.

The higher the volume, the better the savings

Not only do CEOs get superior productivity by knowing the 90-day cash flow prediction, or the accurate insights about churn, burn, and late payments in seconds - no matter if s/he needs it's on the day or night. S/he also can make more money by boosting retention by reacting faster than competitors, speeding up payment times without extra finance charges, and thanks to visibility, instead of keeping extra buffers on the bank account he can invest that money to scale faster.

Predict future cash flow in seconds Know how you spend your money and get confidence how does the future cash flow look like, in seconds.

Know how your customer buys & pays Know how your customer buys and pays. Predict sporadic customer behavior with superior speed and accuracy.

Predict late payments and get notifications 7-day earlier Get notifications, predict late payments and optimize payment times using riskrate. Invest extra buffers on the bank account for growth.

What is your business model?

Good news, riskrate works with all.

Get accurate insights on how your customer buys and pays, how you spend your money, and predict how the future cash flow looks like. Sign up in 8 min, instantly get insights.