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riskrate 2022 Year in Review

The year 2022 presented a unique challenge to small and mid-size businesses as the world struggled through a full year in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine. In 2022, CEOs and Controllers started relying on data to make critical decisions due to the financial crisis and asking for risk alerts to react on time.

Tuomas joined our team as a CTO and co-Founder in January (read the blog). Soon after, he started to work with a new riskrate that is now more than ten times faster than the original product, so we can confidently serve now large companies. Everything left of the initial product was redone entirely at the new riskrate, which helped riskrate start to serve new customer groups using Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Business Central. Ahead of the year's end, riskrate was integrated into QuickBooks, too. We already served customers who use Procountor and Netvisor with a 8 min to take in use with 2500+ banks in Europe.

Toward the end of 2022, we saw an increasing need to grasp business and financial risks, late customer payments, and What-if -scenarios on the fly. And when money flow forecasting is becoming now more important, not only it's important to understand how your customers are truly paying their invoices to you, but it must be easy to edit whether you use factoring or need to know your FX risk due to invoicing in several currencies as you're running your business in many countries. A financial downturn is a great time to try new, more efficient tools than ever. riskrate users are CEOs and Controllers in small and medium size companies aiming for strong growth or facing higher risk due to operations, customer payments or invoicing models. Diamonds are created under pressure. Here are our top tips to grow faster with less risk

  • React instantly. The longer it takes, the harder it gets.

  • Let automation do the hard work for you and focus on what really matters.

  • Take care of your customers, team, and yourself. ❤

Thank you for 2022. We wish You a Prosperous 2023.

- team riskrate

Grow Faster with Less Risk

riskrate consolidates your financial data and keeps your risks in check. Start using riskrate is free of charge. No manual work, no hidden costs, no setup fees, no integration project. We think that knowing critical business insights should be a basic right for every company. Sign up in minutes and instantly get results. Book a 30 min demo.

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