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Software Sauna runs multi-entity financial reports with a few clicks.

Ilkka-Cristian Niemi is the CEO and Founder of Software Sauna, providing premium nearshore software development in Croatia, Macedonia, and Finland.

The Story of Software Sauna

Two Finnish friends sat in the sauna in 2017 and got an idea to create a service to meet the needs of modern software development. "Our vision was to combine the Nordic business culture and quality demands with the expertise of top-notch engineers from our destination," says Ilkka-Cristian. At that time, he had already spent nine years in Poland working for Finnish companies and wanted to build something on his own.

The name Software Sauna was invented on the very same evening after a few rounds of löyly (steam) and Finnish beer.

“A sauna is a hot place, but for us, the heat is a synonym for teamwork, friendship, commitment, work-life balance, and zero hierarchy. We want to give everyone a chance to make an impact. Talented people should always be given responsibility and freedom.“ says Ilkka-Cristian. 

The Sauna team is growing steadily, targets up to 80% higher revenue in 2024.

In 2023, Software Sauna celebrated its 5th anniversary. The Sauna team has been growing steadily and targets up to 80% higher revenue in 2024. Therefore, a consolidated overview of financials becomes pivotal. This is essential for making informed and swift business decisions.

With riskrate, Ilkka-Cristian and his team can easily get a consolidated financial overview for a multi-entity P&L and BS. He also appreciates riskrate's reporting templates, offering free financial reporting templates with a click, for example, on sales, board, and management reporting. On top of that, the team will run budgets, forecasts & scenarios for a single or a group of companies with a few clicks.

We wish all the best success for the whole Software Sauna team. Watch Ilkka's interview on YouTube below. 🔥

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