The Story of Kontor, a peaceful Finance Office using 100% automation

Petri and Margus of Kontor Helsinki

"We met at the Finnish Wooden Boat Center in Kotka, where Margus was working as a boat sculptor and Petri as the managing director. Right from the beginning, we shared a Passion to do things better and so we decided to do business together someday in the future. Although we didn’t have any idea about the industry, we shared a clear vision that the business will be inspired by Tony Hsieh."

We trust in finance automation, as it saves time and gives peace of mind to our Customers

Kontor was founded to serve small and medium-sized businesses, without the burden of a traditional accounting firm. Right from the scratch, we have worked 100% digitally, so Kontor is a forerunner of digital financial services in Finland. We trust in finance automation, as it saves time and gives peace of mind to our customers. The growth of Kontor is driven by customer recommendations.

Our customers are growth companies, who either send digital sales invoices, or receive money to the bank accounts as the settlements from the digital cards such as Paytrail, Nets, Verifone, or Mobilepay. The long cooperation with the Groom barber chain is a great example of our Customers where the 100% finance digitalization has boosted both money flow and the topline. Groom was one of the first B2C companies which digitalized payments and they now operate in six locations, with 18 stores and nearly 100 barbers.

One of our success stories is Groom: 100% finance automation boosted both the money flow and the topline.

Accurate prediction across the entire money flow is a lifeline for a CEO in a growth company. The faster your business decides to grow, the worse the spendings become, regardless of the business model or industry.

An accurate prediction of the money flow is a lifeline for a growth company. Building and maintaining a reliable cash forecast manually means slicing and dicing, so it's very expensive, sensitive for human errors, and takes a lot of time.

Growth always burns cash, so a reliable cash forecast is a lifeline for growth companies, regardless of the business model or the industry. Now we have finally found a partner that fits into our thinking about 100% automation.

riskrate predicts money flow better, faster, and cost-efficiency than any solution we've seen before.

riskrate can predict money flow better, faster, and much more cost-efficient than any cash forecast we’ve seen before. All the best success for you, Margus, Petri, and Kontor.

Kontor is a 100% digital accounting office for small and medium-sized businesses with high ambitions.

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