Took hundreds of hours to get future 30-day cash simulated in seconds

Magical spring mornings are back and the first migratory birds have arrived in the North. During the first sunny weeks of April, we have been happily locked out in Slack using hundreds of hours to get future 30–90 day cash prediction filtered and simulated in seconds. Here is some insights we are the most thrilled about right now. Today’s finance people are expected to be part data analysts and part systems architects, stitching together piecemeal data from separate bank accounts, optimistic gut feelings from salespeople, invoices from separate software, assessing all numbers both in euros and multi-currencies in realtime. When businesses have a lot of transactions, you can imagine that it can take hours only for data collection. Smart people should use their time in solving more important problems, especially now. That’s why riskrate has chosen a different approach.

Instead of using hours of entering transactions by hand to get cash forecast, riskrates efficient machine learning models do the hard work for you. It works like the weather forecasts or risk pricing models in capital markets, as it can predict probabilities of your future 30-days cash transactions. On top of futures 30–90 days cash predictions, riskrate has automated what used to be downloaded from the database, packaged it into excel pivot tables, and pushed it out. Like for instance, you can filter 30 days bank transactions or predictions of customer purchases in seconds from one single table. Or you can simulate your top 10 most important customers or supplier’s impact on the burn rate and end cash position, at any given date range. We took hundreds of hours to get all cash insights simulated in seconds.

We did it because it will free hours wasted with cash to seconds. It reduces time spent acquiring, scrubbing, and predicting cash data, allowing smart people to focus on growth and the new market window that is opening soon around the summer of lockdown exits. Like no matter how long the winter, Spring is sure the come.

More than happy to get your feedback. Stay safe and in touch!

riskrate is an effortless 30–90 days cash forecast, yet with superior accuracy. Put data and machine learning to work for you ⚙️