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Say hello to Tuomas Ritola, CTO, co-Founder at riskrate

Tuomas Ritola has joined our team as a CTO and co-Founder. Before riskrate, Tuomas was a co-Founder of Nitor Insight, working for game and media industries in the areas of data science, AI and machine learning.

riskrate co-Founder Team

riskrate is an effortless tool for a CEO to predict 90-day Money Flow in seconds.

I was impressed by riskrate’s core mission of helping our Customers scale up faster and risk-free, in a rapidly changing market. I’m thrilled, as I’m now able to utilise everything I've learned earlier in my career." Tuomas says.

Tuomas has been involved in coding since he was 6 years old, when he got his first computer, a Commodore 64.

“I had a dream of becoming a Startup entrepreneur since I was a student and now I finally met a co-Founder team with a vision that impressed me.” Tuomas says

“In a Startup, that is designing something new like riskrate does, there will be challenges and obstacles on the way. Obstacles are necessary, as they carry us forward, creating a huge competitive advantage as we conquer them.”

riskrate saves CEOs time (and money)

riskrate gives accurate insights about 90-day money flow in seconds so CEOs can save time and money. Fast-growing businesses like Fetch a last-mile service for households and Leanware, a logistics optimization service, are using riskrate to make better daily money flow decisions faster. riskrate predicts future money flow with a superior, 90% accuracy using machine learning. As small & medium size businesses own data is not enough for machine learning, riskrate is using own, over 80,000 companies anonymised database that is creating the network effect, which means that more users, the more accurate the prediction.

riskrate is building Partner network and scaling up to the new markets Right now, we’re building the Partner network and scaling up to the new markets. In today’s post-C19 world, CEOs are increasingly relying on data to make important money flow decisions. riskrate’s data based notifications help CEOs to react instantly and get better money flow. Only 8 minutes to take in use, customers instantly get results. No manual work, no expensive implementation project, no slicing & dicing is needed. We think that knowing future money flow should be a basic right for every CEO.

Know Your Money Flow. Start using riskrate is free of charge. No manual work, no hidden costs, no set up fees, no integration project. We think that knowing future money flow should be a basic right for every company.

Sign up in 8 min, instantly get results.

Book a 30 min demo.

Register 15 min x Money Flow webcasts.


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