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for Treasury Controllers
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This is why Treasury Controllers trust riskrate

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90%. Say goodbye to tedious cut, copy & paste.

90 %

Reduce time wasted

on manual work

10 days

Time saved to prepare and update

cash reports

90 days

Daily accuracy of   

the future cash position

 Focus on the results

You're always up-to-date. No more surprises.

Treasury Controllers, who use riskrate can focus on what really matters by reducing 90% time wasted on manual work.  riskrate connects all the invoice and bank data and takes it to your go-to reporting tool, whether that’s an excel or Power BI.

Tiedä tarkalleen, kuinka riskialtista tulevaisuuden 90 päivän käteisrahasi on henkilökohtaisen luottamusvälin avulla.

Bring live Cash Pool Balances to a Power BI

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

riskrate is an independent data layer. Connect all subsidiaries and all sites you need.  riskrate automates your cash pool reporting using official Central Bank daily FX rates.

Make decisions based on the data you can trust

Trust that nothing falls through the cracks.  

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Treasury Controllers, who use riskrate, get high cash control and daily accuracyIntegrating your banks and invoices to riskrate automation means less emailing, less back and forth and trust on the data accuracy.