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Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and make better decisions faster.

You already have the data but ...

Sinulla on dataa, mutta se on hajautettu eri työkaluihin.
it’s scattered

Data is siloed to the number of tools, none of them integrate with one another.

You already have the data, but...png
it’s for bookkeeping

Financial softwares are having a backward view only.

Sinulla on dataa, mutta sitä on vaikea hyödyntää.
hard to tame

Acquiring, slicing, and dicing data requires special expertise and takes multiple hours.

Scale fast, risk-free

Make better decisions 10x faster using accurate insights.

riskrate connects your invoicing and banking data into machine learning models and

over 80 000 companies' business data to automatically deliver 90-day prediction and accurate insights on your money flow.

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If you don't see your tool here, reach out & ask. We've done it for our customers and we can do it for you.

Predict future with riskrate
to save time (and money)

riskrate predictive modeling works with all business models
from the marketplaces to the last-mile services,
from the hybrid saas to the rentals.

Ennusta tulevat rahavarat

High growth and
upfront spendings

Predict future money flow 

The faster your business decides to grow, the higher the spendings become. Get confidence about the future cash position in seconds. 

Ennusta kuinka asiakas ostaa ja maksaa.

Over 100 customers
or suppliers

Predict sporadic behavior

When the number of customers grow, prediction becomes more difficult. Predict even sporadic behaviour with superior speed and accuracy with riskrate.

Kasva omalla kassalla

Speed up
payment times

Grow by bootstrapping

Get notifications, predict and optimize payment times using riskrate. Invest extra buffers on the bank account for growth. 

Simuloi rahoitus helposti ja järkevästi.

Make smart

Stay on top through all times

Consolidate multiple companies and simulate funding, cash limit, or loan repayments.

Teams, who use riskrate get their
predictions 10x faster
riskrate not only save your time (and money)
on forecasting, churn, burn, late payments, cash and so much more
but it turns on your money machine.

Your team instantly get the results

Using riskrate's effortless data insights
means less emailing, less back and forth
and less stress about money flow.
Kasva tuottavammin.


Scale fast, risk-free

Get actionable insights about the future money flows and burn without a second of manual work. 

Ennusta hiipuvat asiakkaat

Sales team

Predict churn and boost retention

Boost retention by keeping your teams informed about churned customer profiles. React faster than competitors.

Saa aikasi takaisin.


Get your time back

Free yourself from tedious slicing & dicing using ready-to-go business analysis based on the data.

Optimoi rahavirtasi.


Instantly get results

No more tedious slicing and dicing. Categorise, enrich and filter data using riskrate insights. 

We've got your back

Managing your money flow involves a lot of stress and risk. 
Set your people free and simplify the money flow using automation.
Tee yhteistyötä saumattomasti.
Get work done

Team workspace

Collaborate seamlessly. Add an unlimited number of team members, or stakeholders, to riskrate.

Nauti valmiista viikkoanalyysistä.
Enjoy weekly analysis

Ready to go summary

Simple data-based analysis keeps you updated on how the future money flow looks like. 

Alerts and emails

Alerts and emails

Saa hälytykset datastasi.
Ilmoitukset datastasi.
Get data insights


Data insights and notifications  make sure that you don't leave money on the table.

Ilmainen ja rajaton pankkitapahtumien haku.
Free bank events

Free bank events finder

Here is a nice bonus. Drilling down to the bank events, even back from the 12 months, is always for free using riskrate. 

Ylivoimainen rahavirran ennuste.
Get better predictions

Superior predictions

You always get more using riskrate: it enrich your data with millions of invoices to delivering superior money flow predictions.

Palvelemme Sinua mielellämme - nopeasti.
We'd love to serve you

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free 14-days trial

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