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We're riskrate
and this is our Story so far...

Our mission is to empower your team to grow.

You already have the data, but...

The story of riskrate began with our frustration from starting mornings by using too many passwords and logging in to multiple book-keeping software to upload sheets and record transactions on Excel reporting templates manually

riskrate Story so Far...

It was frustrating. Not only was it killing our motivation, but it also made our financial reporting very slow and expensive. 

riskrate Story so Far...
riskrate Story so Far...

We decided to leave post-it notes on our doors. We've learned a lot, mostly from failures and mistakes we've made, and so we decided to start building a modern, easy-to-use financial reporting tool for accounting offices to create new services.

We think growing faster with less risk should be the basic right for every company.


We are super thrilled about the mission we have. Without our customers, this would not have been possible. Thank you for your trust.

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