You already have the data but...

You can run your business faster
using accurate insights that are based on the data

it’s scattered

Data is siloed to the number of tools, none of them integrate with one another.

it’s for bookkeeping

Financial softwares are primarily designed around accounting having a backward view only.

hard to tame

Acquiring, slicing, and dicing data requires special expertise and takes multiple hours.

It takes multiple hours to find out how does the money flow looks like, for example on 21 or 92 days

30 min



data from multiple bank accounts and software.

30 - 60 min



data and make sure that nothing falls through

the cracks.

30 - 90 min



payment times, spendings, and the topline based on the yesterday - and maybe using your gut feeling.

30 min

Update excel


Reconcile and

combine unit economics with your previous analysis

Ready to go


We got the answers, but maybe for yesterday's questions. Time for a break!

Know your money flow

we made it effortless for you

riskrate works in sync with tools you already use and analyzes a wealth of unit economics, using over 80 000 companies' business data, millions of invoices, and superior machine learning models to deliver accurate insights on your money flow.

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Sign up in
8 minutes

Sign up in 8 min, sit comfortably

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accurate insights

Instantly get accurate insights on your money flow without a second of work.

Predict, simulate and filter in seconds

Effortlessly predict, simulate and filter your data from bottom-up to top-down.

your money flow

Free up time
to scale faster.


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Add an unlimited number of team members, sales and product team, or stakeholders, to riskrate.

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The superior weekly email to your team members keeps you updated on where is your money & how the future looks like - nothing can fall through the cracks.

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