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Weekly insights by email

Predict and analyse 90-day cash flow

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riskrate benefits

Make better decisions faster using accurate insights that are based on the data.

riskrate is always up-to-date. Here are some of the benefits:

How does the future

cash flow look like?

How does your customer

buy & pay?

How are you spending your money?

Make more

Connect your tools to riskrate and make better decisions faster using accurate insights.


In a growth company, situations can change fast. Get confidence about the future Cash, Churn, and Burn with superior speed and accuracy.  

Predict cash, churn  
and burn in seconds

Allocate resources

Allocate resources to high-value clients and optimise pricing by knowing exactly how much you pay to each supplier. 

Your team gets
instant results

Set your people free using automation. It means less emailing, less back and worth, and less stress about money flow.

Have your data

Find any customer or supplier detail or bank events, even back from the 12 months, in one place, in seconds. No extra charges.

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using riskrate

riskrate enrich your data with millions of invoices to deliver superior predictions and insights about your money flow.

Be the first
who knows

Bad news is good news. Have peace of mind using automatic data-based notifications about your money flow.

Get superior

Turn hours into seconds using automated predictions, notifications, and ready-to-go analytics about your data with superior speed and accuracy.

Your data is secure

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Minimal contact:

riskrate never sees your software credentials or any of your financial data.

Read-only access:

When connecting to software, riskrate never will modify your data.

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