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riskrate benefits

Growth companies from startups to pre-IPOs
trust on a riskrate to help them to build strong growth companies. Here are some of the benefits
riskrate provides:

your money flow

Get accurate insights, make better decisions faster and turn on stronger money flow. Have accurate answers to your questions, whether you need them day or night.


Predict future
cash flow in seconds

In a growth company, situations can change - fast. Get confidence about the runway and burn without a second of manual work.  Predict, filter and simulate your future cash position and scenarios with superior speed and accuracy using machine learning. 

Know how customer 
buys and pays

Be aware of hidden changes in customer purchases, retention, risk, and churn using machine learning.  Know what's going on with your topline and customers, and how the future looks like using super easy trend, sales, and customer analysis. Get alerts about predicted late payments and react on time.

Get confidence
about spendings

Too heavy spendings can scrap the whole plan. Confidence in cash burn helps faster to win through all times. Get confidence about your spendings using accurate insights about trends, purchases, and suppliers.  Know whether you can make recruitments today or is there a need for adjustments.


In a growth company, there's a continuous need to get the accurate answers -fast. Collaborate seamlessly using ready-to-go insights and predictions across your entire money flow and add unlimited number of stakeholders. 

Both bottom up
and top down insights

Supercharge your money flow getting superior insights from the bottom-up to the top-down anytime you need. Drill down into unit economics or any single customer or purchase event, and ge always confident about your money flow.

Model any 12 month
scenarios A, B and C

No matter hard we try, things don't always go as planned. Having plans for A, B and C helps faster to win these situations. Your own 12-month scenario combined with superior cash prediction using machine learning is the best possible foundation for Cash forecast.

Vital money flow
for good

Turn anonymized invoice data into amazing insights and accurate predictions about your money flow in seconds. Scale up faster and get vital money flow for good.

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