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Start using riskrate is easy. No manual work, no hidden costs, no setup fees, no integration project. We think knowing business & money flows should be a basic right for every company.

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Minutes to take in use. Get instant results with live data. 
All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  

Ideal for a CEO to get actionable insights on the money flows in seconds.

Ideal for a Controller to create LIVE high quality reports faster.

Ideal for a Controller to consolidate LIVE high quality reports with one click.

Report 90-day money flow in seconds

Money Flow


Save time and money

iper single legal entity

Create high quality
reports faster



per single legal entity

Save time and money

Consolidate all data
with one click



Save time and money

per single legal entity

Money Flow



Add unlimited users

Weekly insights by email

Connect all banks

Bring it to your go-to reporting

90-day money flow risks and insights

Full access to all templates

Full access to all predictions

Full access to all notifications

Full access to 80 000 company data

Full access to all integrations

Full access to riskrate report engine

FX filter and conversion

Report timer and data refresh

Data consolidation                                          

Data cleaning

Add On  monthly prices

add a consolidated account                              229 €                  

add a legal entity                                                        129 €                                                                    329 €                                                              129 - 329 €                                                    

superior speed 

free 14-day trial

single sign-on (SSO)



free onboarding

unlimited users

free customer service 

riskrate benefits

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90 %
and focus on what really matters.

Here are some of your benefits:

Save time
(and money)

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters.

No integration
project is needed

Get started in minutes, no expensive implementation project is needed. 

Pick the data you need and create the report you want. No technical skills is required.

Create any live
report you want

Business critical insights in seconds

Get business critical insights with superior speed and accuracy. 

Less stress, more insights

Authentication is validated through SSO. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

riskrate means less emailing, less back and worth, and less stress about the hard facts.

Be the first
who knows

Bad news is good news. Know more by connecting with the 80 000 company database.

Get superior

Turn hours into seconds using automation and focus on the results.

Your data 
is secure

Our team is ready to serve you 

Get instant service from riskrate people. Not bots.

We'd love to serve you fast.

We provide personal service on chat, email, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Hubspot, and phone. 

5 min average response time

Your data is secure

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Minimal contact:

riskrate never sees your software credentials or any of your financial data.

Read-only access:

When connecting to software, riskrate never will modify your data.

Single sign-on (SSO):

SSO is an authentication scheme that allows you to log in with a single ID to any of several software systems.

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