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Simple pricing
that works for everyone

Starting using riskrate is easy. No manual work, no hidden costs, no setup fees, no integration project.  We think growing faster with less risk should be a basic right for a CEO.  

Pricing & Plans
Minutes to take in use. No integration project is required.


99 month

Billed annually. € 129 month billed quarterly.

For CEOs to Predict Cashflow with ease

Connect unlimited banks and tools

Full access to all cash forecasts

All scenarios you need with one click

Copy of Pic 1 (2).png

No risk alerts

Predict customer payment delays


269 month

1 - 5 companies. Billed annually. € 329 month billed quarterly.

For CEOs to Optimize Cashflow with ease

Connect unlimited banks and tools

Full access to sales, burn and cash forecasts

Full access to report engine

Full access to alerts and notifications

Full access to company risk ratings

Full access to prediction models

Both Plans  include

Unlimited users                                  

Rest API to bring it to your reporting tool

Report timer and data refresh

FX filter and conversion

KPIs and comparison

Free 14-day trial

Free onboarding

Free customer service 

Superior speed 

Single sign-on (SSO)


Compare Plans


Cash forecast that predicts

customer late payments on the fly.

Ideal when you need to consolidate multiple banks and finance tools into reports, create scenarios, and factoring alerts on the fly.

connect multiple banks or tools

intelligent cash forecast with ease

what if -scenarios on the fly

understands factoring


Optimize Cashflow with notifications. In addition to Cashflow features

Ideal when you'd love to get better liquidity with ease, and keep churn, burn, and customer late payments in check with ease.

predict customer churn

keep burn in control

predict customer late payments

automate risk alerts

Our team is ready to serve you 

Get instant service from riskrate people. Not bots.

We provide personal service on chat, email, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Hubspot, and phone. 

We'd love to serve you fast.

5 min  average response time

Your data is secure

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Minimal contact:

riskrate never sees your software credentials or any of your financial data.

Read-only access:

When connecting to software, riskrate never will modify your data.

Single sign-on (SSO):

SSO is an authentication scheme that allows you to log in with a single ID to any of several software systems.

Need help before
getting started?

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