The Effortless Report Automation
for Controllers
to focus on what really matters
This is why Controllers trust riskrate

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters


Reduce time wasted

on manual work

10 days

Time saved to prepare and update

sales, spending and cash reports

90 day

Daily accuracy of the future 

sales, spendings and cash 

Focus on what really matters

Pick the data you need and create the report you want.

Controllers, who use riskrate can focus on the results by reducing 90% time wasted on manual work.  You can use riskrate analytics, or to export ready-to-go prediction to your excel or BI tool and get focused on what really matters.

Get superior speed and accuracy

Connect your tools with the automation and focus on the results

Super easy to use.

Matti, Controller

Controllers, who use riskrate, can predict the future with superior speed and daily accuracy. Save countless hours with machine learning. Connect your bank, invoicing tool and much more to machine learning and have less stress about money flow. 

Scales up as you scale

riskrate is an independent data layer. Integrate  unlimited number of your banks, invoicing tools or ERPs to riskrate and get your data analysed.  riskrate scales up as you scale with regardless of the continent you're running your business.

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