The low code solution
for Controllers 
to get a grip on financial data
This is why Controllers trust riskrate

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters


Reduce time wasted

on manual work

20 days

Time saved to prepare and update

sales, spending and cash reports

Money savings

A low code API solution and live data

replaces several services.

Focus on what really matters

Pick up the financial data you need and create a high-quality report you want, in seconds.

Controllers, who use riskrate can focus on the results by reducing 90% time wasted on manual work. riskrate's template gallery covers the most common controller reports.  riskrate's reporting engine allows you to create any risk scenario you need today.

Supercharge your decision making

Get business critical insights into your unique ad-hoc reports or the regular reports

Controllers, who use riskrate, supercharge their CEOs' and CFOs' decision-making with business-critical insights.  You'll get more live insights

and pay less to hedge against risks. 

A low code API that scales when you scale

Effortless and efficient even for a large amount of data

riskrate is a low code solution that works between your Finance ERP, bank, and your go-to-reporting tool. riskrate scales up as you scale regardless of the continent you're running your business.

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