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Connect Your QuickBooks with riskrate

riskrate consolidates your live financial data to keep your risks in check.

Minutes to take in use, get instant results.

14-day fully featured free trial

No credit card required

Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja kassan saldon ennuste, joka ennakoi asiakkaan maksuviiveet.
Supercharge your Cash

Uncertainty about liquidity holds you back from taking risks, making good decisions and growing. 

Kassaennuste toimitusjohtajalle minuuteissa säästää 90% aikaa ja antaa varmuuden kassasta heti.

Predict and optimise cash to grow faster with less risk.

Get answers to your crucial cash and financial questions with one click.

Get a grip on cash and financial risks in seconds.

Get cash forecasts, scenarios, and alerts about customer payment delays on the fly.

Vaivaton kassaennuste, joka konsolidoi kassan datan, säästää Controllerin aikaa 90%.

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters.

Get group cash forecasts without a second of manual work.

Minutes to take in use, get instant results

Connect in minutes with riskrate's superior report engine and a massive database of company payment risk ratings.

Step 1

Sign up

Create username and password.

10 seconds

Step 2


Connect your finance tools and banks.

8 min

Step 3

Get results

30 min

Let riskrate do the reports for you.

Fully featured 14-day free trial

No credit card required

No integration project needed

Please stop wasting time and money
Predict cash with confidence

10x faster

Reduce time wasted

90 % 

Optimize cash with risk alerts

Better Cash

Get answers about risks on the fly to grow faster with less risk.
Reduce 90 % of time wasted on manual work and focus on what matters.
Say goodbye to extra cash buffers
and financial fees losing your money.
Get answers incredibly fast

Start with data and make it truly yours. No advanced technical skills is required.

Kassaennuste joka yhdistää pankit ja kirjanpidon työkalun minuuteissa

If you don't see your tool here, reach out & ask. We've done it for our customers, and we can do it for you.

Get data in seconds

Connect your finance tools and 2 500+ banks 

Do you need to manually pick up the data from multiple finance tools and banks? Not anymore.

Pick up the data from your financial tools and banks into your reports in seconds. Daily, live or historical data, all data standardized with ease.

Make it yours with one click

Create a What If -scenarios with one click

You'd love to create more accurate scenarios with a nice design, but categorizing data is not easy. Got it.  

Report with one click

riskrate report gallery covers the most common Controller reports.  riskrate's reporting engine allows you to create scenarios the way you need them today.

Vaivaton kassaennuste joka ennustaa maksuviiveet reaaliajassa, antaa varmuuden kassasta.
Kassa ennuste ja skenaariot klikkauksella.

Optimize with risk alerts

Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja ennuste maksuviiveistä klikkauksella säästää 90% aikaasi.

Predict and Optimize cash by getting risk alerts

Customers pay their invoices in time only in a perfect world. You'd like to get a reliable cash flow forecast that understands when the customer actually will pay you.

Get the confidence and optimize your Cash by connecting your data to riskrate superior data automation and real-time companies' payment risk ratings.

Share like a Pro

Share your reports the way you love

Do you feel you'd need an engineering degree to share a report the way you want? Not anymore. 

Quickly bring your report to a Power BI,  excel, or any of your go-to reporting tools you love to use. Share your favorite report with your team by email for now or schedule it for later using riskrate's auto-timer.


Schedule send.

Bring to a Power BI.

Export to Excel.


You're in the best company 
 Super easy to use

We look at the money flow,

What If -scenarios

and just make it work.

Marika & Janne, Chair & CEO


MDF doors & kitchen furniture

Say goodbye to uncertainty

limiting your growth and risk-taking.

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