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Cash forecast that predicts your customer's late payments

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What causes the problem
in cash forecasting?
Customers pay their invoices on the due date only in a perfect world. Predicting customer payments is the most critical part of cash forecasting because paid sales invoices only fund salaries, taxes, and purchase invoices.

Outgoing Cash

Easy to predict

Predict Money Flow.jpg

Daily cash forecast

on a spreadsheet

but it’s slow and sensitive for human errors.

Incoming Cash

Difficult to predict

because customers’ 

payment behaviors are sporadic

This is how riskrate cash forecast
can predict when Customer
pay invoices to you

Connect in minutes with riskrate's superior report engine and a massive database of company payment risk ratings

riskrate cash forecast can predict how your new and current customers actually will pay their sales invoices. 

riskrate connects your invoices and banks with machine learning models and a massive database of payment risk ratings. 

As a result, you can get confidence about the cash forecast. It means savings on financial costs, fewer cash buffers on a bank account, and reduces up to 90% of your time wasted on manual work with a cash forecast that is always up to date.

Kassaennuste joka ennakoi asiakkaan maksuviiveet, antaa vahvemman kassan.
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Step 3

Get results

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Let riskrate do the reports for you.

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