Predict future money flow
using machine learning
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What causes the problem
in daily money flow prediction?
With riskrate, you can reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters.

outgoing money

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incoming money

daily money flow

easy to predict

on a spreadsheet

but it’s slow and sensitive for human errors.

difficult to predict

because customers’ purchase and payment behaviors 

are sporadic

Predict 90-day money flow
using machine learning

Save countless hours with riskrate

8 min to take in use. Instantly get results. No tedious manual work is needed.



Reduce time wasted

on manual work.


 90 day

Daily accuracy of the future 

sales, spendings and cash


80 000

Using real-time data

and millions invoices.

riskrate is like your trusted colleague

S/he is effortless, yet with superior accurate

Superior machine learning models

Prediction with daily accuracy

riskrate Bayesian machine learning models are designed to predict even sporadic events with daily accuracy. 

Real-time invoicing
and banking data

Predict future events

riskrate models are designed to predict your future money flow using real-time invoicing and banking data.    

Get more with the network effect

Over 80 000 companies database

riskrate is enriching your data to deliver superior insights about your money flow.

Scales up
as you scale 

Scale fast, risk-free

riskrate scales up as you scale with regardless of the continent you're running your business.

Make better decisions faster using accurate insights

riskrate is not only predicting, but it's using machine learning to automate your busy work of managing money flow and helps your overall financial well-being.

 Predict 90-day money flow in seconds

Save time (and money).  No tedious manual work is needed.

riskrate understands when your customer is buying again and when will your new customer make a payment to you. It knows the seasonal changes. It counts on the future purchase invoices and social security payments that not have been even sent or approved yet.

 Edit, delete or do your own plans

In a minute. riskrate learns about all the changes.

Edit, simulate and delete events or do your own plans easily using riskrate's effortless automation. 

 Get notifications

Get better money flow using accurate data insights


Get better money flow using data insights and notifications.  Know the predicted late payments 7-days earlier and don't miss already overdue invoices. It helps to react on time. 

 Connect tools you love

riskrate is an independent data layer and free API

Connect unlimited number of tools you love. riskrate's automation is independent about the missing invoicing details or VAT numbers created in the softwares. 

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