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cash forecast
to get confidence

Easy platform for short-term and long-term cash forecasting.

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14-day fully featured free trial.  No credit card required.

Multi-entity financial reporting on autipilot
Multi-entity financial rpeoritng on autopilot
With riskrate, you can connect with Netvisor.
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Quickbooks riskrate
Fortnox riskrate
With riskrate, you can connect with Procountor
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Google for Startups

Get confidence

Riskrate cash forecast gives you a confidence you have money to run your business.

12-month cash forecast for a long-term overview
12-month cash forecast predicts how much money you have banks in long-term.
Cash flow forecast
for a long-term overview
Cash flow forecast predicts cash in on sales and cash out on salaries and other spending.
Daily cash forecast
for a better liquidity
Daily cash forecast gives notifications to get better cash flow and predicts your customer's overdue payments. 

How riskrate works

Get started with 3 easy steps

Riskrate Financial Reporting Automation for Small Teams
Connect finance tools

3 min 

Connect with one or multiple financial
tools or upload your CSV/Excel files.  
riskrate gallery full of free financial reporting templates
Report with a click

3 sec

Run cash forecasts easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before.
Share with the team

1 min

Share your cash forecast easily with your team.
Run your first cash forecast in less than 3 minutes

14-day fully featured free trial. No credit card required.

riskrate top cash forecasting features
With riskrate, you can run financial reports and forecast with a click.
Daily cash forecast to predict late payments
Riskrate's short-term forecast tells how your customer pays and how much money you have in the bank account.  
 Analyzed financial reporting templates   With riskrate, anyone can run professional finance reports
Monthly cash forecast and cash flow overview
Riskrate's long-term cash forecast and cash flow analysis tells how does your 12 month cash flow looks like.
Multi-entity cash forecast on autopilot
Cut multi-entity cash forecasting time by 100%: Get a centralized cash forecast with a multi-entity, multi-currency in minutes.
With riskrate, you can share your financial reports and forecasts the way you love.
Cash report in mobile, digital and PDF format
Share reports with your comments the way you love. Export to Excel with no broken cells.
Kassavirta mittari
Cash KPIs for a minute overview
With riskrate, you'll get confidence in your cash forecast with KPIs and alerts that easily tell what your cash flow looks like. 
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Cash forecast in 30 currencies on the fly
Get confidence in your cash flow regardless of the FX currencies you are running your business.  
Never start from scratch with riskrate's
cash reporting and forecasting models

Run mobile, digital and PDF cash reports and cash forecasts with a click to save your time. 

Kassaennuste kuukausitasolla, pitkän tähtäimen kassaennuste
Monthly cash forecast with a few clicks
Run your business with confidence with an monthly cash flow forecast.
Kassaennuste viikkotasolla, lyhyen tähtäimen kassaennuste
Weekly cash forecast for easy cash planning
Stay on top of your cash position with an easy weekly cash forecast table.
Kassaennuste päivätasolla, lyhyen tähtäimen kassaennuste
Daily cash forecast to predict payment times
Be prepared with a daily cash forecast that predicts customer payment times.
Kassaennuste ja kassan mittarit
Get better cash flow with notifications 
Get better cash flow with real-time cash KPIs and notifications.
Kassaennuste ja asiakkaan yleiskuva
Customer 360 analysis with payment times 
Supercharge your decision-making with an easy customer 360 overview.
Kassaennuste ja viikkoraportti
Weekly cash-in report to react on time
Weekly Cash-in report knows where your money is to react on time.

And much more. Run your first cash forecast report here 

Try it free. No credit card required.

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riskrate Financial Reporting Automation for Small Teams
riskrate Financial Reporting Automation for Small Teams
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