Predict future money flow
using machine learning
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What causes the problem
in daily money flow prediction?
With riskrate, you can reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters.

outgoing money

easy to predict

Predict Money Flow.jpg

daily money flow

on a spreadsheet

but it’s slow and sensitive for human errors.

incoming money

difficult to predict

because customers’ purchase and payment behaviors 

are sporadic

Predict daily cash in seconds

Connect your invoices and banks to machine learning in seconds.

riskrate connects your invoices and banks with machine learning models and

over 80 000 companies' business data to automatically deliver 90-day prediction and accurate insights on your money flow.

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  We'd love to serve you - fast.

Predict 90-day money flow in seconds

8 min to take in use. No expensive integration project is needed.

No more sweating over money flow. Prepare for the future with effortless 90-day cash flow projections and simulate funding, cash limit, or loan repayments within minutes.

Personalised confidence interval tells your live cash risk.

Bring live cash prediction to an excel in 3 seconds.

 Bring it to an excel or a Power BI

Save countless hours. No tedious manual work is needed.

Pick the data you need and create the reports you want. Bring it to your go-to reporting, whether that's a Power BI, an excel or an analytics platform.

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