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In a growth company, situations can change - fast. Answers to critical questions about money flow are a lifeline for growth.  When anonymous data can be turned into accurate insights, it's spurring risk-taking and we entrepreneurs can scale faster.

riskrate story

Our story began in the heat of summer 2018 at the Kotka Ship Festival, where we met by chance.
Päivi Kangasmäki was pitching the idea of money flow predictions based on her user experiences. Jussi Pyörre sat on the jury and understood the potential for big data and machine learning, having done the same before at Eniram, where he was the co-Founder. Andrei Gorbulin, a passionate engineer, joined the Kiuas Accelerator and the story of riskrate began in 2019 in Otaniemi. Together with the brave entrepreneurs, the first customers, we get started.

Without the trust of our customers, this would not have been possible. Thank you for your trust. Let's stay in touch. 

- riskrate team

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CEO, Founder

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Technology, Founder


Jussi Pyörre

Advisor, Founder

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