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Predict Cash with Confidence

riskrate is the easy-to-use Cash Forecast your team loves to use.

Minutes to take in use, get instant results.

14-day fully featured free trial

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Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja ennuste maksuviiveistä antaa ylivoimaisen varmuuden kassasta.

Cash forecast your team loves to use

Confidence about future cash is critical to companies, but manual work creates stress and swallows time.


CEOs can grow faster without extra cash buffers and unsecured loans, getting cash forecasts and alerts about risks on the fly.


Teams get confidence about liquidity with risk alerts and say goodbye to expensive financial services.


Reduce 90% of time wasted 

Controllers can save up to 90% of their manual work using cash forecasts that understand when the customer actually will pay.

Grow faster with less risk

Get answers 10x faster

Please stop wasting time and money
Predict cash with confidence
Reduce time wasted

10 x faster

90 % 

Get answers about risks on the fly to grow faster with less risk.
Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what matters.
Optimize cash with risk alerts

Better Cash

Say goodbye to extra cash buffers
and financial fees losing your money.

This is how riskrate cash forecast
can predict when the Customer
pay invoices to you

Connect in minutes with riskrate's superior report engine and a massive database of company payment risk ratings

riskrate cash forecast can predict how your new and current customers actually will pay their sales invoices. 

riskrate connects your invoices and banks with machine learning models and a massive database of payment risk ratings. 

As a result, you can get confidence about the cash forecast. It means savings on financial costs, fewer cash buffers on a bank account, and reduces up to 90% of your time wasted on manual work with a cash forecast that is always up to date.

Kassaennuste joka ennakoi asiakkaan maksuviiveet, antaa vahvemman kassan.
How Controllers in the construction industry reduced 90% of the time wasted on daily cash forecasting?

The control in daily liquidity means less back and forth, less cash buffers in a bank account and better liquidity.

Use case

Anna, Controller

Construction industry, business in Europe and the US.

Construction Site Managers

Anna is a controller in a multinational company in the construction industry business in Europe and the US. Due to their invoicing model (they can invoice customers after the order has been delivered) and customer late payments, her company strictly follows the group's cash forecast.  

Frustrating slicing and dicing swallows time

Local controllers prepare their 90-day forecast manually by collecting data from Finance ERPs and banks and order books on a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets were sent to Anna, who consolidated the Group cash forecast manually. 

How to predict and optimize Cash?

The process took one day for local controllers and one day for Anna.  In addition, due to the customer's sporadic late payments, human errors, and a one-week reporting lag, the company had to keep extra cash buffers in a bank account. The company was targeting strong growth, and the group's loan repayment program has strict covenants, so Anna was looking for an effortless cash forecast to get control, and save time and money.


Reduce 90% of your time.

Get better liquidity.

riskrate's daily 90-day cash forecast and risk alerts

Automaattinen kassaennuste controllerille joka säästää 90% työaikaa.
Automaattinen kassaennuste Controllerille joka säästää 90% työaikaa.
Kassaennuste ja hälytykset maksuviiveistä, joka antaa ylivoimaisen varmuuden kassasta.

Datasource: Microsoft Dynamics and banks

riskrate was connected to Microsoft Dynamics, data warehouse, and banks without an integration project.  Anna instantly gets a daily cash forecast.

Effortless cash forecast to save 90% of controllers time

riskrate's daily cash forecast and bank reports are updated automatically in real-time. riskrate's daily cash forecast tells how much money the company will have in the bank account over the selected period. Anna automatically knows how much money they really have in the bank account, as riskrate automatically understands individual customer late payments using machine learning and a massive database.

As a result, Anna now has the best control of daily liquidity, which means a smaller cash buffer in a bank account. On a group level, they saved several working days per week and reacted on time, and smart people in Finance are now empowered to focus on what matters. CFO is happy with a quick ROI and 269€ monthly pricing with no integration project.

ROI that makes CFO smile 


  • bring company payment risk ratings to CRM

  • keep late payments in control with risk alerts

  • speed up DSO with customer payment time reports

How does the CEO of the subcontractor get a confidence on cash in 30 minutes?

A small team with big ambitions grow fast with less risk using real-time reports and alerts.

Datasource:  Finance ERP or banks

Daily reports

Use case

Pete, CEO

Fast growing subcontractor for large companies

Pete is the CEO of a subcontractor in the metal and manufacturing industry for industry leaders. Due to the strong growth, sourcing and material costs, and invoice factoring, he needs real-time reports for both business and cash.  

Small team with big ambitions

Pete follows monthly sales on bookkeeping software, but it cannot tell anything about cash forecasts as Pete uses invoice factoring. Due to rapid sales growth, the factoring limit has been exceeded by surprise every now and then, and the bank has kept the money.  Pete has used unsecured loans to pay material costs.

How to get a grip on risks

As the business growing, Pete was looking for a solution to follow sales, daily cash forecast, and factoring. Pete needs real-time reports to allocate resources faster, get a grip on the factoring limit and make sure he has liquidity in his bank account to pay salaries and material costs.


Get better liquidity.

Reduce 90% time wasted.

riskrate's daily BI, 90-day cash forecast and factoring reports

Vaivaton kassa ennuste toimitusjohtajalle joka antaa varmuuden kassasta heti.
Kassaennuste joka ymmärtää laskun faktorointia.

Datasource:  Bookkeeping tool and banks

riskrate was connected to Pete's bookkeeping software and banks in 8 minutes.  Pete started using riskrate in 30 minutes.

Supereasy BI and Financial Risk tool for today's CEOs

riskrate's business and cash reports are updated automatically in real-time. Using riskrate's effortless report engine Pete set factoring rules with one click so he knows how much money he really has in the bank account, as riskrate automatically understands how factoring works and the factoring limit in use.

As a result, Pete can now allocate resources faster by knowing the growing and churning customers. He now has the best control of the cash forecast and factoring limit, which means that last-minute funding decisions are not needed. Pete enjoys a quick ROI and 99€ monthly pricing with no integration project.

8 min to take in use. No integration project needed.


  • keep factoring limit in control with risk alerts

  • keep sales team updated about churning customers

  • follow sales and demand by business area

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