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cash forecast
for a multi-entity

Easy platform for short-term and long-term cash forecasting.

Vaivaton kassaennuste.

14-day fully featured free trial.  No credit card required.

Get confidence in your cash flow with a few clicks

Cash forecast gives you a confidence you have money to run your business.

12-month cash forecast for a long-term overview.
12-month cash forecast predicts how much money you have banks in long-term.
Cash flow forecast
for a long-term overview.
Cash flow forecast predicts cash in on sales and cash out on salaries and other spending.
Daily cash forecast
for a short-term overview.
Daily cash forecast tells how does your cash flow looks like with your customer's overdue payments. 

How riskrate works

Get started with 3 easy steps

Riskrate Financial Reporting Automation for Small Teams
Connect finance tools

3 min 

Connect with one or multiple financial
tools or upload your CSV/Excel files.  
riskrate gallery full of free financial reporting templates
Run cash report with a click

3 sec

Run cash forecasts easier, faster, and more accurate than ever before.
Share with the team

1 min

Share your cash forecast easily with your team.
Run your cash forecast in less than 3 minutes

14-day fully featured free trial. No credit card required.

Need help before
getting started?
Tuomas Ritola CTO co-Founder riskrate
Päivi Kangasmäki CEO co-Founder riskrate

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