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Automate all your financial reporting
with riskrate

With riskrate, anyone can run professional financial reports with one click.

Minutes to get started with instant results.

14-day fully featured free trial.  No credit card required.

riskrate Financial Report Automation

2 600+ banks

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Run group consolidation
with one click

Get started with 3 easy steps.

Get financial data
in 30 seconds
Pick up financial data from financial tools in 30 seconds.  
Run all reports with one click
Run all reports with 99% accuracy.  Save 4-8 hours of your time per report. 
Share with team the way you love
Share like a Pro with your team and make decisions faster with riskrate. 
riskrate top features
Group consolidation
on autopilot
Cut consolidation time by 100%: Get a centralized view of performance with a multi-entity, multi-currency P&L in minutes.
Free reporting templates  
With riskrate, anyone can run professional finance reports. Start automating with a gallery full of free reporting templates.
Run budgets
on the fly
Customize chart of accounts, and run budgets and scenarios on the fly. Stay on top of your live Actual vs Budget.
Share reports
like a Pro
Share reports with your comment the way you love. Export to Excel with no broken cells.
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Work more easily with your team: invite an unlimited number of team members to get on the same page faster.
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All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The best-in-class security includes a single sign-on (SSO). 
Minutes to get started
with instant results

No integration project is required. Instantly save time and money.

10 seconds

Step 1

1. Sign up

Create username and password.

1 to 8 minutes

Step 2

2. Connect

Connect your tools with riskrate.

Step 3

3. Get results

30 seconds

Let riskrate run the reports for you.

14-day fully featured free trial

No credit card required

How riskrate works

Get on the same page faster as a team without logging in to multiple tools.

Get data in seconds

If you don't see your tool here, reach out & ask. We've done it for our customers, and we can do it for you.

Pick up the data from finance tools and 2 500+ banks 

Do you need to manually pick up the data from multiple finance tools to run reports? Not anymore.

Download the data from your financial tools and banks into your reports in seconds. Daily, live or historical data, all data standardized with ease.

Make it yours with one click

Unify the chart of accounts. Run scenarios with one click.

You'd love to run scenarios and consolidate multiple companies on the fly, but categorizing data is not easy.   

riskrate free report gallery covers the most common financial reports to save your time. 

riskrate's reporting engine allows you to customize the chart of accounts and run the reports you need today.

Report with one click


Share like a Pro

Share your reports with your team the way you love

Do you feel you'd need an engineering degree to share a report the way you want? Not anymore. 

Bring your report to Excel. Share your favorite report with your team by email for now or schedule it for later using riskrate's auto-timer.

A gallery full of free reporting templates

Automate weekly reports with strict deadlines

Start automating with a gallery full of free reporting templates. Run customized financial reports with one click. 

Automate reporting with riskrate weekly reports for those pieces you regularly need with strict deadlines.

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You're in the best company 
 Super easy to use

Marika & Janne, Chair & CEO

We look at the cash flow,

what if -scenarios

and make it work.


MDF doors & kitchen furniture

Try it free. No credit card required.

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