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Know Your Money Flow

riskrate picks up all invoices and bank data you need 

and lets you create live reports in seconds.

Minutes to get started, get instant results. 

Always fully featured 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Create unique live reports in seconds

Bring it to a Power BI, an excel, or any of your go-to reporting tools you already use. 


riskrate connects your invoices and banks to the reporting engine, machine learning models, and 80 000+ company data to allow you to create customized live reports in seconds. 

What is your business model?
Good news, riskrate works with all.

 Get instant results

Minutes to take in use. No line of code or expensive integration work is needed.

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Microsoft Dynamics

Invoices and payments


Invoices and payments


Invoices and payments

Scale fast, risk-free

Get actionable insights on the future money flows without a second of manual work. 

Get your time back

Reduce time wasted on manual work by 90% and focus on what really matters.

Save time
and money

Using riskrate means
less emailing, less back and forth
and less stress about money flow.

Works with all business models.

riskrate helps you create high quality reports faster
For your unique ad-hoc reporting or the regular reporting need

Get clean data in seconds

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If you don't see your tool here, reach out & ask. We've done it for our customers and we can do it for you.

Connect to 500+ banks & invoice tools with ease

You need manually to record the data from multiple tools and banks? Not any more.

Pick up clean data from your finance tools and banks into your reports in seconds. Daily, live or historical data, all data standardized with ease.


Report with one click

Create a report you want 

Use a template gallery or an easy report engine 

You'd love to create more accurate reports with nice design but organizing clean data is not easy? Got it.  

riskrate's template gallery covers the most common controller's money flow reports.  riskrate's reporting engine allows you to create any what if -analysis or risk scenario you need today.

Automaattinen 90-päivän kassaennuste.

preciding period

same period last year

Report with one click


Predict future with ease

Share your report with your team now or schedule it for later using riskrate's auto-timer.

Connect your data with the prediction models

Frustrated with a painful process of a weekly excel cash forecast just doing the same next week again? 

Predict future 90-day money flow in seconds by connecting your data to riskrate's superior prediction models and share it with your team with ease.




Report live risk & profitability

Report live risks by connecting 80 000+ company data

Your finance tool reports bookkeeping results but your need is to report live risks, right?

Connect your invoices with riskrate's 80 000+ companies' business data with ease to know your live risk on sales, purchases and profitability.

live risk



Share reports with one click

Share your reports the way you love to

Do you feel you need a technical degree to share a report with the team? Not any more. 

Quickly bring your report to a Power BI,  excel, or any of your go-to reporting tools you love to use. Share your favorite report to your team by email for now or schedule it for later using riskrate’s auto-timer.

Plan with security

Peace of mind to your IT manager with the best in class security and no implementation project.

Robust protection fits your IT Policy and keeps your data safe. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. The best-in-class security includes superior user management and a single sign-on (SSO). 

Hear Controllers and CEOs we love 
 Super easy to use

Super easy

to use.

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Always fully featured 14-day free trial. No credit card is required.