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Get insights on how your customer buys and pays, how you spend your money, and predict how the future cash flow looks like.

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riskrate works in sync with tools you already use and analyzes a wealth of unit economics, using over 80 000 companies' business data, millions of invoices, and superior machine learning models to tell accurate insights on your money flow.

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Scale fast, risk-free

Get actionable insights about the future money flows and burn without a second of manual work. 

Sales team

Predict churn and boost retention

Predict churning customer profiles and react faster than competitors.


Get your time back

Free yourself from tedious slicing & dicing with ready-to-go analysis based on the data.

Finance team

Get more money 

No more sweating over late payments. Let the sales team get insights on the new customer and optimise cash using riskrate KPIs.  

Get insights on how customer

buys and pays

Predict churn and react faster than competitors

Boost retention and keep your sales & product teams informed by churned customer profiles and behavior.

Get alerts about predicted late payments

7-day earlier and react on time.

Payment behavior                              OK

Predicted payment delay              3 days

You'll get your money in              11 days

Alpha Inc

Understand how you

spend today and going forward

Predict hidden spendings and optimize profits

preciding period

same period last year

Know exactly how much you will pay to each supplier and optimize your pricing and profits.

Dig deep into the suppliers and details of what's driving spendings and identify hidden expenses you may have missed.

Predict future cash in seconds
Scale fast, risk-free

No more sweating over money flow.
Prepare for the future with effortless 90-day cash flow projections and simulate funding
, cash limit, or loan repayments within minutes.

Start optimizing money flow 
Instantly start to accumulate the results
Get weekly analysis

Enjoy ready-to-go summary

Keep your team updated on how the future money flow looks like. 

Nice data finder

Find answers for free

Find customer details or bank events, even back from the 12 months, quickly and for free.

Alerts and emails

Alerts and emails

Simple notifications

Get data insights

Automatic notifications make sure you don't leave money on the table.

Simplify money flow
with 500+ integrations
Automatic in sync with the tools you already use


You can easily connect and sync all your companies, favorite tools, data sources, and bank accounts to riskrate. No manual work or tedious data transfers needed. Automatic currency conversions using official Central Bank daily FX rates.