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Get insights on how your customer buys and pays, how you spend your money, and predict how the future cash flow looks like.

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Designed for strong teams

that efficiently serve over 100 b2b customers or suppliers monthly

riskrate works in sync with tools you already use and analyzes a wealth of unit economics, using over 80 000 companies' business data, millions of invoices, and superior machine learning models to deliver accurate insights on your money flow.

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Get insights on how customer

buys and pays

boost retention by analyzing churned customer profiles

Turn anonymous sales invoice data into actionable insights that help you allocate resources to high-value clients.

Boost retention by keeping your sales & product teams informed and analyzing churned customer profiles and behavior.

Get alerts about late payments 90-day earlier and react on time.

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Predicted payment delay              3 days

You'll get your money in              11 days

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Alpha Inc

Understand how you

spend today and going forward

leverage machine learning to identify hidden trends

preciding period

same period last year

Spendings are not scary.  Know exactly where your money goes and identify hidden expenses you may have missed.

Dig deep into the suppliers and details of what's driving spendings and how it looks to your comparison period. 

Predict future cash

in seconds

using data fusion and machine learning

Get confidence about your future 90-day cash position without a second manual work. 

Prepare for the future with cash flow projections and simulate funding, cash limit, profit distribution or loan repayments on your 12-month cash forecast within minutes.

Simplify moneyflow
with 100+ integrations
automatic in sync with the tools you already use


You can easily connect and sync all your companies, favorite tools, data sources, and bank accounts to riskrate. No manual work or tedious data transfers needed. Automatic currency conversions using official Central Bank daily FX rates.


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yet with superior accuracy

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Confidence about

money flow in seconds

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know your money flow