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30 days cash forecast

riskrate predicts cash position for the next 30 days using all cash impacting data and machine learning

have peace of mind

100% automated 30 days cashflow prediction using data fusion and machine learning.

save time

spend up less than 8 weeks annually on cash forecasting.

improve liquidity

predict risk and grow by bootstrapping.

instantly get the benefits
superior cash forecast

A superior cash forecast and risk scenarios using machine learning accuracy.

100% automation

Reliable cash forecast of all cash impacting data 100% automatically. Only 8 minutes to take in use.

predict customer behavior

Predict customer purchase and payment behaviour using data insights.

riskrate predicts cash better, faster, and more cost efficiently than any solution we've seen before. That’s why we chose riskrate for our customers.

Petri Tykkä and Margus Udam, Founders



100% digital accounting and cash office

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examples of industries that riskrate serves today

If you sell products, services, or hours and give payment time to your customer, automatic cash forecast improves your efficiency and cash flow. If you send more than 20 invoices per month, the cash forecast does that hard work for you, which pays itself back in days by savings on man hours and stronger cash flow. The more invoices,, the quicker ROI. 

construction   ecommerce  merchants   transport and logistics   HR & recruitment services   machinery and equipment  rental services

saas and subscription services   digital advertising agencies   PR and communication  cash services

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Try 7 days for free. Does not require a credit card. Pricing scales up by revenue, fits for all size.

something on your mind?

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100% automatic 30 day cash forecast

superior cash risk scenarios

unlimited access to company database

 from € 129 /month

instantly see superior cash forecast 

no credit card required

riskrate procountor
riskrate Netvisor

pricing fits for all sizes, scales up by revenue

The most wanted features 
30 day cash forecast

Works for both B2B and B2C businesses

30 - 60 days cash risk scenarios

Predict customer buying and payment behaviour.

before a new deal

Predict payment times and delays .


Superior cash prediction is a must, 

as we grow 30% by bootstrapping

Anna Degerholm co-Founder

digital assistant service


Using 100% automatic cash forecast 

we grew 42% without external loan

Jussi Masalin Founder


technical B2B online store

start 7 days free trial easily

connect softwares

Register and connect your billing software in 8 minutes

data download

riskrate enriches the data and do the cash forecast for you

does not require a credit card,

automatically get forecast

 ready to go

Cash forecast instantly ready to go

A reliable cash forecast is like a weather forecast

A reliable cash forecast is like a weather forecast. Both are needed on a daily basis, they predict probabilities and give peace of mind when based on facts. Like the weather forecast, riskrate utilises big data and machine learning to forecast cash transactions.

payment delays in real-time (3 months),

random selection of riskrates database



 how does riskrate predict behavior?

riskrate's company data is based on the real-time payment behavior of your new and existing customers. riskrate data is dynamic, meaning it shows changes in payment behavior in both positive and negative directions.

how does riskrate predict payments?

Customers pay their invoices on time only in a perfect world. Predicting payment delays is difficult because customers ’payment behavior varies, even one customer may pay differently to different suppliers. riskrate can predict how the customer would pay her/his invoice to you.


how riskrate's cash forecast is different?

riskrate's cash forecast utilizes the most comprehensive real-time business data on the market as well as machine learning models. The cash forecast forecasts both payment behavior and events, which together make it possible to forecast the cash position on a daily basis.

how do I start using riskrate?

Start using riskrate is easy and only takes you 8 minutes. Register to riskrate and follow the instructions on how to open APIs in your accounting software. riskrate is immediately ready for use. Turn on your cash engine today, and see how your forecast look like.

cheers risk takers

Our story began in the heat of summer 2018 at the Kotka Ship Festival , where we met by chance. Päivi Kangasmäki was pitching the need of reliable cash forecasting based on her own user experiences during the 20 years. Jussi Pyörre , riskrate's Advisor, sat on the jury and understood the potential for big data and machine learning, having done the same before at Eniram, where he was the co-Founder and which they had recently sold to Wärtsilä. Andrei Gorbulin, a passionate developer, joined from the Kiuas Accelerator and the story of riskrate began in 2019 in Otaniemi and StartupSauna. The days began with customers and ended on the Casablanca room flip chart. Together with the brave entrepreneurs, the first customers, we get started.


Our passion is to make a cash forecast that an entrepreneur can trust.

Without the trust of our customers, this would not have

been possible. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and

we know what it is like to be.


A reliable cash forecast is a lifeline for us risk takers.

Thank you for your trust.


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