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The Cash and Business Planning for CEOs

The number #1 cash and business planning platform your team loves to use.

Minutes to take in use, get instant results.

14-day fully featured free trial

No credit card required

This is why CEOs trust riskrate

CEOs, who use riskrate, optimize sales and cash flow 10x faster.

Run budgets on the fly

10x faster

Get on the same page with your finance team to save your time.
Optimize sales and cash flow

in seconds

Keep your sales team informed on hidden changes to grow faster.
Save time and cash flow


Stop wasting your time and money. Focus on what matters.

14-day fully featured free trial

No credit card required

Get the tough things
done easily.

Get full visibility on your sales, budget and cash flow with ease.


Run scenarios

with a few clicks

Connect directly to your data to run scenarios with ease.


Allocate resources faster

with growth metrics and automation

Predict customer churn and optimize product prices in one place.

Kassaennuste, skenaariot ja maksuviiveet

Full visibility on cash flow

with notifications

Cash is like an oxygen to your company. Optimize cash flow with live notifications.

How does the CEO of the subcontractor get visibility in cash flow?

A small team with big ambitions grow fast with less risk using report engine and real-time data.

Use case

Pete, CEO

Fast growing subcontractor for large companies

Pete is the CEO of a subcontractor in the metal and manufacturing industry for industry leaders. Pete took riskrate into use when their invoice factoring provider canceled their agreement with a month’s notice at the worst possible moment.

Small team with big ambitions

Pete's competitor suffered from an extended production outage, and Pete had just gotten several orders from new customers. He had to halt all purchases of raw materials since he didn’t know if he would have enough cash to pay salaries, taxes, and raw materials.


How Pete got a grip on cash flows

riskrate helped Pete get an accurate picture of their near-term cash flows in 30 minutes, which allowed Pete to resume rebuying raw materials and ramp up business. This gave him some time to shop around for a cash limit. He also significantly reduced their reliance on outside financing. With riskrate, Pete also got better visibility on the unit prices by each customer, which led to price increases and higher margins.


Confidence in Cash Flow.

Reduce 90% time wasted.

riskrate's daily BI, 90-day cash forecast and factoring reports

Vaivaton kassaennuste toimitusjohtajalle, joka antaa ylivoimaisen varmuuden kassasta heti.
Vaivaton kassaennuste toimitusjohtajalle, joka antaa ylivoimaisen varmuuden kassasta heti.

Datasource:  Bookkeeping tool and banks

riskrate was connected to Pete's bookkeeping software and banks in 8 minutes.  Pete started using riskrate in 30 minutes.

Supereasy cash & business planning platform 

riskrate's business and cash reports are updated automatically in real-time. Using riskrate's effortless report engine Pete set factoring rules with one click so he knows how much money he really has in the bank account, as riskrate automatically understands how factoring works and the factoring limit in use.

As a result, Pete can now allocate resources faster by optimizing pricing. He now has the best visibility of the cash flow. Pete enjoys a quick ROI and 99€ monthly pricing with no integration project.

8 min to take in use. No integration project needed.


  • keep factoring limit in control with risk alerts

  • optimize pricing and volumes using real-time data

  • invite finance team to track customer late payments

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