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Make better decisions 10x faster with accurate insights


Faster analysis across

the entire money flow

2 days

Time saved to revise

sales, spending and cash reports


Daily accuracy of the future

sales, spendings and cash 

Get answers about the future 90-day earlier 

Easily get the big picture and drill into the the details

CEOs who use riskrate, instantly get answers about the future money flow 90 day earlier. Get an up to date, daily overview on the current and future money flows: from the big picture into the details of what's driving your money flow.

Make better decisions 10x faster

Up to date insights helps to scale up in a market, that is changing rapidly

Got my time back with riskrate

Teemu, CEO 

CEOs who use riskrate get their analysis and prediction 10x faster. riskrate is designed for CEOs to scale up faster, risk free, in a rapidly changing market. Connect your bank and invoicing tool to machine learning and start making confident decisions.

Scales up as you scale

riskrate is an independent data layer. Integrate  your banks, invoicing tools or ERPs to riskrate and get your data analysed. Export data and prediction to your BI tool or excel. riskrate scales up as you scale.

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