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riskrate Weekly Cash-In Report Predicts Who Pays You on Time.

Since credit is harder to get, cash flow and financial health have become the focus. Particularly now, we can’t afford to wait weeks to figure out when we will run out of cash.

riskrate consolidates all your financial data in real-time to get your team on the same page faster. You can connect multiple finance tools and companies into one, for example monthly board report, in minutes.

The most difficult part in predicting cash flow is cash-in and late customer payments. So we designed an automatic weekly cash-in report for our b2b customers who give payment time to their customers. Open sales receivables in accounting software use due dates, which is useless because only less than 40% of payments are made within the due dates. 1 out of 4 bankruptcies in the EU is due to invoices not being paid on time.

If you need confidence about the cash-in and don't have a finance team like a bigger company might have: the riskrate weekly cash-in report tells where your money is with no manual work. This reduces 90% of time wasted and can help you react faster to late payments.

You can subscribe riskrate weekly Cash-ln report here. You can invite unlimited number of team members: riskrate weekly Cash-In subscribers today are CEO, finance and sales team. You'll get your report by email on Mondays at 9.00 CEST.

riskrate weekly Cash-In report predicts how much money you will get cash-in next week, who pays you on time, how much your risk is, and when you'll get the payment from the customer. riskrate predicts payment dates for each customer by connecting real-time company databases. Further, the riskrate platform captures benchmarking data against a peer so your sales team can compare payment terms and payment times with the others. Here are our TOP 3 tips to get paid faster, if you customer payment times are on rise:

  • Follow your late payments on a weekly basis as a team. Payment delays needs collaboration for both sales and finance.

  • React instantly by a polite phone call or an email reminder for sales invoices. It's good to take an action, if payments are more than seven days late. Elegant payment reminder is the best way to get money into the bank account and manage your customer relationship.

  • If the customer has problems to pay you according to the original plan, try to negotiate a new payment plan. It's always a better solution than to start legal actions. The environment is changing rapidly right now. If you need to make better decisions faster, we'd love to serve you - quickly.

Automate all your financial reporting with riskrate

Start using riskrate is free of charge. No manual work, hidden costs, set-up fees, or integration projects. We think optimizing cash flow should be a basic right for every company.

Sign up in 8 min and instantly get results.

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