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3 Tips to Share Finance Reports Feel Like Friend

CEOs in small and medium-sized businesses are extremely busy: they typically wear many hats and are very hands-on in day-to-day activities. CEOs should grasp key points in financial reports in less than 10 seconds.

Some CEOs may feel financial reports are enemies, not friends. Complexity can lead to the CEO's ability to make decisions, and s/he may need more time to analyze the numbers, delaying decision-making processes. In the worst case, there is a risk of misunderstanding the company's financial health.
This blog shares three tips on how to share financial reports like a friend with the CEO.

Tip 1. Personalize with a friendly picture and message

Finance reports typically lack personal elements, so reading through financial reports may feel monotonous or dull for a CEO.  Monthly finance reports are prepared by real financial professionals who have done much work for them.
Including your picture in a message adds a personal touch in several ways: seeing your picture creates a human connection, making the financial report feel more personable. Use friendly or smiling pictures that convey warmth. It sets a positive tone for the financial report, making the CEO feel more at ease. Explain with your simple message, or let riskrate's human-like analysis do your hard work.
Advantages: Seeing your friendly picture on a financial report makes CEOs feel more at ease.

Tip 2. Use mobile reports with simple graphs

Given the hands-on roles of CEOs in small and medium-sized businesses, they prefer mobile due to on-the-go access. CEOs in small and medium-sized companies like simple, easy-to-understand reports point out only the key points.

Run and share a riskrate financial report via email. Use charts and simple, automatic notifications. You can share it with the CEO in a digital report or a PDF.

Advantages: Mobile reports offer a quick financial overview for busy CEOs at their own pace, for example, on a car or a truck.

Tip 3. Don't forget personal communication when needed

CEOs want to be in contact with real people. Some CEOs in small and medium-sized businesses need personal communication, such as in-person or video updates, to go through the finances. Book an online meeting with the CEO (30-60 min). This enables discussions and clarifications.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting or a video call to present the finance report. Typically, it's good to book a 30 to 60-minute online session. Before the meeting, send a monthly financial overview with relevant KPIs. To show the financial summary remotely, go through the TOP 3 key takings using graphs. Go through supporting detailed analysis only when needed.

Advantages: Allows for real-time interaction, questions, and clarifications. The online meeting provides a personal touch and an opportunity to agree on the next steps. The 30-minute online session is efficient for CEOs with busy schedules.

With riskrate, you can serve your CEO with superior speed and accuracy.

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