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Integration or CSV/Excel upload, how to choose?

riskrate financial reporting and forecasting automation

Tired of manual financial reporting and forecasting? Riskrate's financial reporting and forecasting automation can help. Choose seamless integration or an easy CSV/Excel file upload. Here, we have provided guidelines to help you decide what works best to boost your productivity. With these tips, you can easily say goodbye to manual financial reporting and forecasting.

Both integration and CSV/Excel -file upload cut hours to seconds compared to manual financial reporting and forecasting.

Both integration and CSV/Excel file upload have advantages, depending on your specific use case and needs. Both will boost your team's productivity compared to manual reporting and forecasting.

The integration allows real-time data transfer from accounting software to riskrate, ensuring a real-time financial overview. Riskrate integration is easy to set up and takes only 3 minutes to use. So, no technical expertise is needed.

CSV/Excel file upload is also a simple way to use without an engineering degree. Uploading your CSV/Excel files to riskrate takes only seconds.

Integration or a CSV/Excel -file upload

depends on your needs and priorities.

When choosing between integration and uploading a CSV/Excel file, it's good to consider your needs and priorities. Both improve your team's productivity compared to manual reporting and forecasting.

Affordable integration with a quick payback time

At riskrate, we understand that affordable integrations are not always easy to come by, especially in certain regions such as Germany, Southern Europe, and the BRIC countries. Therefore, we recommend uploading a CSV/Excel file as an easy alternative in such cases. We believe that faster growth with less risk is the basic right of every company.

Financial reporting and forecasting in real-time

Integration is the way to go when it comes to real-time financial reporting and forecasting. Downloading a CSV/Excel file is sufficient for financial reporting and forecasting, which do not require real-time updating.

One-time, weekly, monthly, or annual financial reports

Are you wondering how often you report and how often the financial data should be transferred from the accounting software to the riskrate? If you only report once or monthly, uploading a CSV/Excel file may be sufficient. However, if you report daily, the financial data must be updated in real-time, which makes the integration more efficient.

Expansion to new countries and multiple accounting tools

When your company grows and becomes international, you will need accounting software for new countries. If the need for real-time reporting grows from multiple of your companies, integrations may be a more practical option than uploading CSV/Excel files. With riskrate's financial reporting automation, you can integrate multiple accounting software, companies, and currencies into a single financial report and forecast to scale your business, so the complexity of financial data will never be a bottleneck.

Automate all your financial reporting with riskrate

riskrate financial reporting and forecasting automation

Start using riskrate is free of charge. No manual work, hidden costs, set-up fees, or integration projects.

We think growing faster with less risk should be a basic right for every company.

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