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Stunning digital financial report with a click. 📸

Connect an automatic forecast model with digital financial analysis.

Riskrate talouden yleiskuva on digitaalinen tulosanalyysi.

Have you considered growth and new service businesses, but the upfront investments keep you on hold? Not anymore. Riskrate's digital financial analysis is an agile way for an accounting firm to start creating new business with a low threshold.

When your customers succeed, you succeed.

A customer's financial understanding often goes hand in hand with financial success. Digital financial analysis is an easy way to keep your customer posted on the financial overview. Should you wish, you can also offer an automatic forecast for the full financial year. Your customer can quickly learn more about the financials without logging into the reporting platform. Riskrate's digital financial analysis cuts financial professionals' hours to seconds. Digital reports can be updated in real-time, ensuring that customers can always access the latest financial updates when needed. If you remember the correction that had to be made before you pressed the send button, an update to the bookkeeping software is enough. There is no need to send another financial report. Riskrate's digital financial report is fast and effortless, even for large customer volumes. You can easily share a digital financial report with hundreds of customers; the riskrate will remember your previous choices.

Your customers can view the digital financial report on a mobile or tablet while on the road and a desktop in the office. The digital financial report contains interactive features, such as clickable links and charts, with which your customers can familiarize themselves with the figures and filter, for example, cost centers. Interactivity improves the customer's user experience and facilitates navigation with financial reports. Digital reports can also be easily integrated with other tools and platforms. Digital reports are also more environmentally friendly than PDF reports because they do not need to be printed on paper. This is important for sustainability and reduces the organization's carbon footprint.

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