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Create high-quality financial advisory services with ease

Are you looking for a way to offer financial advisory services to your existing bookkeeping customers?  An accounting office's more comprehensive range of services can increase customer loyalty. Clients receiving accounting and financial services from the same firm are more likely to stay long-term. When your customers succeed, you succeed.  Your great work gets a reputation, and you can get more new customers through referrals and recommendations. The financial advisory industry is shifting towards tech-driven solutions.  With the riskrate financial reporting platform, accounting offices can create high-quality financial services faster without a set-up project. The only things that matter are your targets and motivation.

With riskrate, accounting offices can create new services without a project. Riskrate cuts 90% of time spent per single report and reduces new 2 FTE headcounts for the same task.

We collected tips so your accounting office can start creating financial advisory services without a set-up project with the riskrate financial reporting platform. It's worth noting that your customer, a CEO of a small and medium size business, is usually not a finance professional but a sales professional. Research shows that 30% of CEOs consider accounting firms their most crucial financial partners. CEOs prefer discussing financial matters with a human rather than a robot, chatbot, or program and expect quick answers. In other words, CEOs consider good service a top priority. Are you ready to get started?

1. Start mapping customer needs with your team.

Start mapping customer needs with your team. Review their financial situation by analyzing their results and balance sheets from the past 1 to 5 years. You can also run this pre-made digital analysis report from riskrate. Once you have identified the areas where your clients may require assistance, you can offer support to help them achieve their goals. It is essential to personalize your advisory service to meet the unique needs of each client. If you notice several clients have the same need, you can create service packages to cater to them. When discussing your advisory service with accounting clients, it is essential to ask them about their specific needs and discuss how your service can help them succeed. Your service can assist clients in achieving sales and profitability goals and reacting to financials promptly, saving them significant money.

Your advisory service can also help clients optimize taxation or anticipate loan negotiations. Additionally, your service can be a reporting service, such as a high-quality board report, that helps clients prepare for important meetings with care.

We believe that a high-quality financial report based on your expertise will benefit your client's decision-making in ways she might not anticipate.

2. Kick off a pilot:  Provide stunning digital financial analyses to customers with a click.  Let your financial expertise shine.

To begin with, offer your customers a stunning digital financial analysis and forecast for the full year. With riskrate you can run stunning digital financial analyses with a click without investing in a project.

Go through the profit forecast and analysis with the customer to highlight the value of your service. This will help them see the benefits of working with you. Agree on the next steps, which could involve monthly reviewing customers' financial situation. You can set up meetings either online or face-to-face.

You're a financial expert. Let your expertise shine.

3. It's good to keep your customers regularly updated.

It's good to keep discussing your observations when you review their monthly report, financial statements, or tax returns.

Carefully review your customers' targets. Explore how your customer could benefit from additional advisory, such as a profit forecast or cost center-specific financial review. It is essential to agree on a follow-up plan, which may include building or following up on a budget or a rolling profit forecast. It's also good to communicate with customers to provide ongoing support and answer any questions. 

4. How about campaigns and discounts for new customers?

You can offer discounts and campaign benefits to accounting clients who start a new financial advisory service. If your accounting firm has a monthly or yearly calendar, you can use it to plan campaigns.  Nothing can stop you.

5. Ask for customer feedback to develop your service.

Customer feedback is critical to developing your financial advice service. It's good to ask your clients for feedback to improve your services constantly. Doing so can help more customers achieve their financial goals, bringing you more satisfied customers. 

Congratulations on your new business.  🎉

We are confident that you have what it takes to succeed. We wish you all the best of success, and our team is ready to support you on your growth journey. 

If you want to learn more about our services, our team is ready to help. To book an appointment, click this linkLooking forward to speaking with you soon. Thank you.

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