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Boost your financial advisory sales with automation

A while ago, the CEO of a small or medium-sized business used to rely on their local bank manager as a trusted financial advisor. It was convenient to schedule a meeting with a familiar bank manager and discuss the company's finances and investments over a cup of coffee.

As banks continue to reduce their number of branches and rely more on automated chatbot services, the responsibility of being a trusted financial advisor is gradually shifting towards local accounting firm entrepreneurs. Despite the changes in the banking industry, CEOs still need to talk with trusted person about their finances.

Right now, you don't consider loans to cover Cash, but sound financial advice.

In today's economic climate, you don't first consider loans to cover cash, but sound financial advice. The recent end of low interest rates and economic crises has prompted CEOs to focus on their company's finances. Sound financial advice is more valuable than lending money regarding cash and investments. If you are interested in providing advisory services to your customers, here is an option to help you increase the sales of high-quality financial services without investing upfront or hiring new employees. Your time is the most valuable resource. Our blog explores the value of your time, pricing quality financial services, and market potential.

1. The cost of processing financial reports manually regularly is very expensive

Excel is an excellent tool for creating custom reports. Riskrate loves Excel and works well with It. However, in some cases, Excel or any tailoring on your reporting platform can be expensive. If you need to customize the reports you need regularly, any tailoring becomes expensive.

How do you calculate a customized profit analysis and forecast production cost?

A tailored, hand-made analysis takes an average of 6 hours. The price of one analyzed financial report (production cost) is €600 per report if the value of your work is €100 per hour. In addition to your work, sales, marketing, and tools are part of the production cost, so if your margin is 30%, the customer's price per one analyzed financial report is €780.

Few potential customers can afford hand-made work or customization, limiting your target customer group to 1-20% of all potential customers.

The more time you need for a report, the less time you can spend analyzing the results. This is where riskrate helps. The costs of automation are a fraction of the costs of manual work.

2. Riskrate is the easiest way to automate analyzed financial reports

Riskrate runs all financial reports without any manual work. It works for multi-entity and single-entity reports and automates all reports you need regularly. Starting using riskrate is very easy. Riskrate automates all the reports you need regularly. How do you calculate the production cost of an automatized profit analysis and profit forecast? With riskrate, anyone can run high-quality, analyzed financial reports and forecasts in seconds. Hence, the price of one result analysis is a fraction of the production cost of a manual report. In practice, you can cut over 90% of the time spent on financial reporting and create an advisory service without hiring new staff.

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3. Boost sales of high-quality financial services

Riskrate is an easy-to-use financial reporting platform for the accounting office to effortlessly increase the sales and profitability of advisory services.

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Boost sales and profitability. With automation, you can increase your profitability and profit per financial analysis. Serve more customers with less time spent. Automation allows you to provide high-quality services to more customers, increasing sales and customer loyalty. Increase new customer acquisition. You can offer high-quality financial services to new customers with more significant price flexibility and acquire new customers with riskrate. As a result, you can serve more customers with less time and focus on what matters.

Congratulations on your new business. 

We are confident that you have what it takes to succeed. We wish you all the best, and our team is ready to support you on your growth journey. 

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