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At the heart of every growth Story there is a person who knows the numbers, takes care of the cash and is a key corner in implementing a growth strategy. S/he is a CFO.

riskrate reached out Jukka Luoma, Leanware's inspiring, modern CFO, from sunny Tampere. Previously, as a CFO Jukka has been in response of the successful listing of Robit Plc (HEL: ROBIT) on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and the exit of Parmaco for a British private equity investor.

In August 2020, Jukka started as a CFO of Leanware, a supply chain solution optimisation, in which private equity investor Korona Invest had become the majority owner recently. Leanware is looking for significant growth and Jukka is Leanware’s first CFO.

"The growth of e-commerce is a great opportunity for Leanware. We are also moving to the SaaS model, which enable savings to customers and increase our valuation by a better factor."

“C19 significantly increased the demand of e-commerce and online stories, which is a great opportunity for Leanware. We are also strongly transforming to a SaaS model that brings immediate savings to our Customers. ARR also increases our valuation by a better factor." Jukka told us.

"As a CFO of a venture capitalist's portfolio company, the most important financial metrics are revenue, or ARR growth, and profitability, EBITDA, which is strongly linked to cash.

However, the actual cash at bank account, and the calculated cash using ARR are two different things in SaaS. That's why the my third KPI is Cash."

“The actual cash at bank account and the calculated cash are two different things in SaaS. I predict the cash using machine learning - riskrate's model is predicting future with superior accuracy using a small amount of data. "

"I predict cash using machine learning. The accuracy of the riskrate prediction model exceeded my expectations. riskrate can predict future cash with a superior accuracy using a small amount of data. You really don't have to be a billion-dollar retailer to get confidence about future cash." says Jukka

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